What is teacher credential recognition?

In certain contexts, state policy may not adequately recognize the rigorous preparation that Montessori teachers undergo in earning their Montessori credential. There are several contexts in which an individual’s Montessori credential may or may not … Continued

Does MPPI work on any federal issues?

Yes. While the bulk of education policy is at the state level, MPPI works with and alongside other educational organizations advocating for education policy at the federal level. The primary way in which the federal … Continued

What kinds of policy issues does MPPI work on?

MPPI’s focus is on policies that impede full implementation and/or funding of Montessori programs. Some examples include: Child-care regulations that limit core components of Montessori education including larger group sizes, higher adult-child ratios, 3-year mixed … Continued

What is a Workforce Registry?

A Registry is an information system states use for the early childhood and afterschool workforce that: Promotes professional growth and development Captures data about early childhood and afterschool practitioners in a variety of roles Is … Continued