Your donation helps to ensure dedicated staff are working to create state level strategies to bring Montessori to more children. From technical support around state-specific policy requests to constant vigilance over state-level legislation impacting high-fidelity Montessori, MPPI staff are dedicated to serving educators and policy makers working to help children thrive in an educational setting that honors who they are today and who they will become tomorrow.

Advancing Montessori education in a policy landscape that until recently has only been informed by conventional educational models is difficult and time consuming; the state by state nature of our work greatly increases its complexity. MPPI needs your help to reach policy makers in every state at both the early childhood and K-12 levels, demonstrate the value of a Montessori education and work alongside them to create policies that enable Montessori schools to fully implement the model.

Policy change often takes a long time and MPPI needs your support to see this work through. We share Dr. Maria Montessori’s vision for the type of educational landscape all children will benefit from. Your donation makes that vision possible.